Hold on a second

I'm setting up my blog, so bare with me a little. Some things will look broken, or may even cause errors. But I'm working on it and will fix it as soon as possible.

This post is also a placeholder, so the blog won't break if there aren't any posts in the Vuex store. I should really have made a v-else for the if(posts.length > 0), but hey, we're not perfect, and I've filed the issue on my mental GitHub.

Speaking of GitHub. The source-code for this blog is on GitHub, and you can use it for your own Ghost blog rather easily. I've even been a good developer and documented the whole thing to make it even easier. However, it's not an exact copy of this blog. This blog is mine, and I've made some artistic touches to make it my very own.

Next step is to actually write an article worth sharing. I'm planning on sharing anything from articles, how-to's, and tutorials on code, small code tips and recommended extensions to Visual Studio Code, articles on tech and IoT, Android security (or lack of), and other tiny things that doesn't fit in its own subject. I'm even planning on a big Flexgrid article once I get the documentation page done for it (which could be an article of its own).

I'll get to that soon, so please bookmark this.